A Night of Murder, Mystery and Laughter – Wednesday Jan 21st 7:00 pm

Halifax West High School Drama Department Presents

A Night of Murder, Mystery and Laughter
Bella Rose Arts Centre

This student production is a collaboration of the Drama 11 and Drama 12 students; in which the senior students acted as the production crew and the grade 11’s as actors. This production is their final assessment and process exam. This is an amateur presentation of two royalty-free plays taken from:
Sodaro, Craig. Make it Mystery, Meriwether Publishing Ltd., 2006.

Production Team
Producer … April H Cross
Lighting Technician … Richard Bonner
Lighting Designer … Michael Greenlaw
Costume Designer … Aiden Lemire
Assistant Stage Manager … Mohammed Hazara
Sound Board Operator … Jay Hubbard

Queen of Hearts
William Shakespeare disappeared from his hometown of Stratford when he was eighteen. No one knows why he left his wife and children, though historians have a number of theories. One tells of Will poaching a deer on Sir Thomas Lucy’s land – a serious offence that could have seen Will in jail or executed. How he made his way to London and got started in theatre is also a mystery. This play takes an imaginative look at what might have happened to young William Shakespeare.

Production Team
Director … Allison Jollimore
Stage Manager… Kathleen Jones
Set Designer … Sarah Chalmers
Prop Master … Kathleen Jones

William Shakespeare … Chris Duvar
Mrs. Dogberry … Carly Taylor
Mr. Dogberry … Brad Nauss
Bess … Celia Gonzalez Morales
Angelo … Liam Mazerolle
Annie Doll … Laura Nelson
Sir Thomas Lucy … Chris Stoodley
Lady Lucy … Tina Khayambashi
Mr. Greene … Anthony Burns
Magistrate … Jared Taylor
Mrs. Burbage … Lilly Kirk

Case of the Dangerfield Diamond

In classic film noir, a tough-talking private eye is hired by a beautiful woman to solve a murder. Often narrating his/her thoughts to the audience, the detective find their way through a shadowy maze of sinister characters, each of whom could have committed the crime. In this noir parody, Nikki Noir has her hands full as she tries to solve a big case that just might put her name on the map.

Production Team
Director … Joel McNair
Stage Manager … Kaleigh Lerette
Set Designer … Kaleigh Lerette
Prop Master … Sarah Chalmers

Nikki Noir … Jennifer Scott
Dora Dangerfield … Rachel Arab
Daphne Dangerfield … Hannah McDonald
Delia Dangerfield … Lilly Kirk
Donald Dangerfield … Shawn Heard
Clive Clemdiddle … Derik Martinez Pinto
Bob, the butler … Josh Theriault

Our Sincere Thank you to Halifax West High School, Bella Rose Arts Center, Richard Bonner, Ms. April H Cross, Jay Hubbard and Our friends and family.

Admission: Suggested $5 donation at the door

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