Digital Media

Communication 11 – Academic

This course is designed to explore concepts that deal with how we communicate in the changing world of technology. All students will complete a mandatory digital photography unit, where they will be required to operate a DSLR camera and manipulate their photos using Adobe Photoshop.  Additional topics include the fundamentals of technology plus at least three from the following: technical drawing, graphic design, broadcasting, video production, animation and/or web design. All students will be given the opportunity to learn how to use ​Sketch-up, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

Film and Video Production 12 – Academic

Film and Video Production 12 provides opportunities for students to create original short videos using DSLR cameras and Adobe Suite CS6. Students will gain practical experience in some of the major areas of the industry,  including acting, script-writing, digital editing, and story-boarding. Students will investigate “special FX” by using our “green screen” and by making their own “Foley” sound effects. Students will be required to take on different roles as part of a team to create the essence of a great story through visual medium.

Mulitmedia 12 – Academic

The course challenges students to create, manipulate, and critically reflect upon multimedia projects as members of a collaborative culture. Multimedia 12 consists of four modules: Creating and Manipulating Images, Creating and Manipulating Motion Graphics, Sound Recording and Editing, and a Collaborative Project. Students will create media in the form of print-based advertisements, animations, videos, computer games, audio recordings, and websites. Multimedia 12 is an academic credit and meets either but not both of the requirements for a technology or fine arts credit. Multimedia 12 does not qualify as the compulsory fine arts credit.