Course Descriptions for Drama Courses

Drama 10

Drama 10 is an introductory course in drama, focusing on the personal growth of the student. Through extensive work in improvisation, both in small and large groups, students will gain confidence as they explore and communicate ideas, experiences and feelings in a range of dramatic forms. Drama 10 provides a foundation for future course work in drama and theatre. The program begins with in-class exercises to develop concentration and self-confidence, imagination, openness and sensitivity. It then moves to improvisation, with scripted plays and some play writing. Students begin where they are comfortable and work to advance their presentation skills.

Drama 11

Drama 11 builds on the learning experiences provided through Drama 10. Students will have opportunities to explore movement and speech and to combine these in a greater range of dramatic forms. The emphasis is on the process of creating script and bringing script to production. Students will create original scripts or theatre pieces from other texts. Students will also explore script using improvisation and other dramatic forms which will culminate in the production of created text. The elements of theatre production and the skills required for presentation, including acting skills, will also be explored. Students should be prepared to perform in two public performances that will highlight their acting skills. These performances will require students to participate in out of school hours and could lead to performances in locations out of school.

Drama 12 Theatre Arts

The Drama 12 course will allow students who have some background in Drama and who may be interested in theatre- related careers to develop skills in acting, writing, directing and stagecraft. They will be exposed to new technology used in production as well as professional theatre presentations. The emphasis of the course will be on the preparation for performance and for the presentation itself. Students will create texts with the use of improvisation, the collective process and an awareness of the needs of specific audiences. The elements of theatre production and the skills required for presentation will be refined throughout the year. Students will be required to complete a number of service learning hours as part of the course. Students should be prepared to perform in three public performances that will allow students to demonstrate multiple aspects of Theatre Production. These performances will require students to participate in out of school hours and could lead to performances in locations out of school.​

Suggested Prerequisite: A mark of 85% or above in Drama 11 and a recommendation from the Drama teacher. In some cases, such as a student who has been involved in Drama in other capacities, special permission may be given to take the course.