3D Scanner Project

A group of students at Halifax West High School has received grants from the Nova Scotia Teacher’s Union and Brilliant Labs to design and build a Life-size 3D Scanner. The innovative project employs the raspberry pi to capture high-resolution images that can be used to create 3D files which can later be printed using a 3D printer. A similar project can be seen at http://www.pi3dscan.com/.

Students participating in the project include members of the school’s Raspberry Pi Programming Club as well as students from Electrotechnologies 11 and Applied Networking Technology 11 classes.

The team has recently succeeded to connect and program the raspberry pis to take dozens of high-resolution images simultaneously. The team is currently test driving the 3d scanner and will soon calibrate the camera positions to optimize its reliability and functionality.

Overall, the project, which began last fall, has seen close to 70 students participate in one way or another. Some students have participated during their class time, others show up Thursdays’ at lunch during the Raspberry Pi Programming Club and others are using their free class time to contribute anyway they can. The commitment of these students is truly remarkable.

Congratulations to all of the students that have played a role in the past and to the ones that continue to work on this amazing project. Along the way, students have learned to program, solder, build power supplies, network devices, build websites, troubleshoot connectivity and work collaboratively as a team to solve some very challenging technical problems.

The team’s goal is to continue to improve on the design and efficiency of the scanner and, hopefully someday be able to send scanned objects to our 3D printer.

3D Scanner Team has successfully networked and powered the raspberry pis – ready for test driving and calibration!


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